Sensational Samba

What a fantastic way to end a great half-term, with our Samba concert.

The children have been learning Samba for 6 weeks now and this week, performed in their very own concert. Well done to everyone – you were all amazing!

Thank you to all of you who were able to join us and for those of you who weren’t please check out our pictures of the performance.


Year 4 have worked exceptionally hard this half-term, as always!

Have a happy and holy Easter and I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.


Miss Kane


Spiritual Art

This week, we have started our new RE topic which is about self-giving. We talked about the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made when he gave his own life for our sins. How beautiful is the spiritual art that we produced?

On Thursday, we had our final rehearsal ready for our music concert on Thursday. We hope you can all make it!

On Friday, we visited a planetarium and looked at different constellations. We also spent some quiet time with our own prayers.

The children have continued to work really hard in maths this week and have produced some great work on coordinates.

Have a lovely weekend!


Author Visit

On Friday, we had the author, Antony Wootten, visiting school. Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have a writing workshop with him.

Also on Friday, we had our class liturgy where we took part in a practice mass to help us understand the order of service, in preparation for our First Holy Communion.

Earlier in the week, We did some amazing science work to finish our work on digestion. The children freeze-framed different stages of the digestive system and then wrote some fantastic first person narratives as if they were the food travelling through!

Well done to all of the pupils who took part in the swimming gala on Thursday! A special congratulations to Nicolo, who came first!!

Don’t forget that the Big Pedal starts next week!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kane

Silver Super Stars

Year 4 have had a super busy week and have been amazing!

On Wednesday, we went to St Mary’s Cathedral in town. The children behaved exceptionally and were a real credit to the school. A special well done to the children who helped out too.

On Thursday, we attended the Skipping Festival and came second in our skip dance performance! Amazing well done to everyone for their hard work, determination and effort… you all did so well and I couldn’t have been prouder!

We also received so many individual awards so well done to everyone who won those!

Thank you for all of the donations for Red Nose Day, we’ve raised over ¬£250 for an excellent cause!

A special thank you to those who threw sponges at me!!

Have a great weekend.


Miss Kane

Disgusting Digestion

This week in science and English, we have been learning about the digestive system. On Monday, we went outside and created a model of the digestive system.

Food entered the mouth (a bowl) and was crushed by the teeth (scissors). The tongue mixed the food with saliva (water), which contains enzymes to help break the food down more.

Next, the food travelled through the stomach down the oesophagus (measuring tube).


Food then landed in the stomach (a bowl) where it was mixed with stomach acid (orange juice). Here, the food was broken down further.


After the stomach, food moved into the beginning of the small intestine (tights), which is known as the duodenum. In the small intestine, nutrients were absorbed from the food.

From the small intestine, food then moved into the large intestine where excess water was absorbed (squeezing the water out).

At the end of the large intestine, the solid waste is stored in the rectum until it is released from the anus (pushed out of the cup through a hole).


Next week in English, we will be writing an explanation text about how the digestive system works.

Thank you for all of your efforts with World Book Day this year – it was a huge success.


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Kane


Welcome Back

Welcome back Year 4!

We have had a very busy week with lots of exciting learning. On Tuesday, we had a computing workshop where we were learning new skills in Microsoft PowerPoint. We learned how to add new slides, animations and web links.

In science, our new topic is ‘Animals Including Humans’. We worked in groups to create a model of the digestive system. Can anyone remember what some of the functions are?


For our new topic, we will be learning about North and South America. We started our topic by learning about the indigenous people of North America and the origins of the dream catcher, before creating our own dream catchers for display. The children worked incredibly hard and were very patient.

Thank you to everyone who brought in some optional homework this week. The work was phenomenal!

Don’t forget that next Tuesday (5 March), the Mini Vinnies are hosting a Fairtrade Food Stall. Any Fairtrade donations would be much appreciated!


On Thursday (7 March), is World Book Day. Remember to come to school dressed as your favourite character! We would also love for you to join us for breakfast on this day too.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kane

Happy Half-Term!

Well done to all of Year 4 for another fantastic half-term! I can’t believe that we are half way through the year already!

On Friday, half of the class went to the swimming pool to try out for our KS2 swimming gala. Meanwhile, the rest of Year 4 got to spend some quality time with some Year 6 children. They worked in pairs to compare the Ancient Greeks and Romans – with Year 4 children as Roman experts and Year 6 children as Ancient Greek experts.

In partners, children worked on the computer to produce a PowerPoint presentation comparing the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. Back in the classroom, they created some wonderful information pages about each.

Well done to everyone!

Have a lovely holiday!