A Visit From Father Bill

This week we had a visit from Father Bill who wanted to find out what we had been learning this year. The children were fantastic at sharing their learning and also had lots of questions to ask Father.

Well done to our fantastic musicians who performed in their second concert of the year on Thursday. I was blown away by how much they have improved on their last performance!

I can’t believe we only have one week left at school!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


Miss Kane

Bike-ability and Fun in the Sun

This week, we’ve been practising our cycling skills with Bike-ability. The children listened well and followed instructions. I was very impressed with their skills!

Meanwhile, in the classroom, we worked on our Eco project promoting recycling.

In English, we have been writing our own play scripts using the short animation, Home Sweet Home. On Thursday, we went outside onto the field to practise and perform our plays to the rest of the class. The children showed great intonation and expression, as well as using appropriate actions.

On Friday, the children spent an hour with their new Year 5 teacher Mrs Kelly. I hope they all had a wonderful time and that they are looking forward to next year.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Kane

Sports Day!

A huge well done to all the children who took part in Sports Day this week! Everyone showed great sportsmanship, determination, teamwork and resilience! I was really impressed with everyone’s attitude and behaviour so well done Year 4, you were superstars!

This week, we finished our Confirmation RE unit and had a beautiful liturgy planned by Karen, Eleanor and Ronica. We focused on the importance of love and how we can show people the love that we have for them.

In science, we investigated liquids and gases by dropping fruit in fizzy pop. When the fruit was first dropped in the liquid it sank to the bottom because it was more dense than the liquid. However, bubbles of carbon dioxide attached to the fruit, and because the gas is less dense, the fruit floated to the top. When the fruit reached the top, the bubbles popped and the fruit sank again.

Have a great weekend Year 4 and enjoy the beautiful weather! Make sure you wear plenty of sun-cream, unlike me today!

Athletics Fun

This week in PE, we have been practising our athletic skills. We rotated around different stations, competing in a hurdle relay race, a bean bag throw, a skipping relay race, a howler throw and a hula-hoop competition.

We then raced to find out who the fastest boy was and who the fastest girl was. We have some very competitive children in Year 4 and I’m looking forward to seeing their efforts on sports day.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Kane

Sketching Skills

This week, in our topic lesson we worked on our sketching skills. We looked carefully at shells and images of different sea creatures and experimented with different grades of pencil to achieve the desired effect. I am so impressed with the children’s work!

We have also been writing letters to the Government to express our concerns about the plastic pollution problem and urging them to make drastic changes to impact our future. Everyone has worked on their presentation and I have been blown away by the quality of their work!


Well done Year 4!

Beach Fun!

On Thursday, we had an amazing trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium to start our new topic, ‘Blue Abyss’.

Our rock-pool workshop focused on the significance of plastic pollution on our marine life. Did you know, if you put one wrong item into your recycling, the whole batch of recycling is considered contaminated and none of it will be recycled?

We also watched the seal show while enjoying our packed lunch in the glorious sunshine!

Afterwards, we walked along to Tynemouth park and enjoyed some time playing on the playground equipment.

Our final stop for the day was at King Edward’s Bay and some of us were even brave enough to dip our toes in the freezing waters of the North Sea!

On the journey, we carried out an environmental quality survey, comparing Tynemouth with Gosforth, looking specifically at litter, graffiti, traffic and noise levels. What did you find out?

Everyone behaved exceptionally well and represented our school fantastically! Well done Year 4.

A special thank you to Alfie, Lorenzo and Keer’s grown-ups for coming along with us.

What a great first week back!


What a fabulous way to end a fantastic half term! This week we’ve enjoyed our Alice in Wonderland themed STEM week.

We had some bemused and confused faces on Monday when the children arrived at school to see the teachers dressed up in some strange outfits.

We started the week with our launch assembly where the children enjoyed watching the teachers take part in some challenges…especially watching me eat pickled vegetables!

Our first challenge arrived on Monday morning: we needed to design a hat to wear to the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

We needed to think about a specific design brief to ensure that our hats were appealing, they fit a human head and that we were able to combine materials in a range of ways, including sewing. We have enjoyed working with our younger peers in Year 3, working in groups of six to combine our individual ideas into our final designs.

We practiced a range of sewing techniques, including running stitch, basting technique and over cast stitching. It was really tricky to thread the needle but we got there in the end!

We had to put our maths heads on to do some measuring to make sure that our hats would fit. We measured all of the heads in our groups and created some bar charts to present this data.

We also investigated the time it took for the Mad Hatter’s tea to cool and presented this data in a line graph.

On Wednesday, we created the 3D structure of the hat buy combining three components together; the cylinder shape for the main structure, a cardboard circle for the top and a donut-shaped piece of card for the rim. Once we had this, we were ready to start adding our materials to cover it!

We used our sewing skills and our original designs to finish our hats and don’t they look incredible!?

Once completed, we evaluated our finished product against our design brief, thinking about what worked in the process and what we would improve if we were to do it again.

On Thursday, we had a workshop from Procter and Gamble, where we looked at density and chemical reactions.

We also created a shadow puppet show of an Alice in Wonderland scene. We worked in groups to create our characters and write a script.

We investigated our shrinking shadows throughout the morning using a measuring tape. We went outside every half an hour to explore what was happening to our shadows. Who can remember what happened and how shadows are formed?

Our engineering challenge for the week was to construct a house of cards. It was incredibly frustrating but the children showed great resilience!

On Friday, we created lava lamp decorations for The Queen of Hearts. We used water mixed with food colouring and added oil to our bottles. Why did the oil float on top of the water?

Afterwards, we dropped in an Alka Seltzer tablet and watched as it dissolved, creating bubbles of gas that floated up to the surface!

Have a fantastic half-term everyone and well done for all of your hard work throughout the term. Congratulations to everyone who took their First Holy Communion.

Miss Kane

Exploring Circuits

This half-term in science, we have been learning about electricity. This week, we tested whether different materials were conductors or insulators of electricity. We placed the material into our circuit and tested whether or not the bulb lit up. If it did, we knew that material was an electrical conductor.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for coming to our Celebration Assembly on Friday. I am so proud of the children and hope you all are too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating their First Holy Communion tomorrow.


Miss Kane


This week we had our second coaching session with NUFC. We played lots of games and practised our ball skills, including using our feet and our hands. We then went into a defence/attacking game where we had to find space to earn points.


We also had our Class Liturgy to end our self-giving topic. A huge thank you to Heidi, Bobby and Lucas for planning a beautiful celebration.

Next Friday,  17th May, we will be holding our Celebration Assembly, starting at 9:15. We would love to see you all there to celebrate with us.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kane

Holy Communion Retreat

Wow! What an amazing trip we have had this week.

On Monday morning, Heather and Peter (our driver) met us at school. We set off and made our way to Druridge Bay where we spent some free time enjoying playing in the park.

Next, we met Mike from Explore4All, who provided us with some camouflage paint ready for our trip into the woods. We painted our faces then made our way around the lake. Once we got to the woods, we split off into teams to make dens. All groups showed excellent collaboration skills and all dens were rated 10/10!

After Druridge Bay, we made our way to Holy Island where we were met with Father Bill.

We went up into the observatory tower and recapped our history topic from Autumn Term – the Vikings! I was really impressed with how much the children remembered. It was here where we carved our names in Viking Runes.

Also on Holy Island, we created some nature art by using shells, seaweed and anything else we could find on the beach, in order to create our team logos. Again, all groups worked excellently but there was only one winner…The Tiger Stones. Well done girls!

Heather then prepared a beautiful opening liturgy which was held on St Cuthbert’s Bay. We had some wonderful readers and all children painted their hands and printed their hand print on the canvas. This shows that we are all one family, making our promises together, in preparation for our First Holy Communion.

After Holy Island, we headed further up north to Berwick, where we checked into the hostel. We quickly dropped our bags into our rooms then had a delicious dinner of pasta and meatballs or jacket potato…some children said it was better than home (sorry parents!).

After dinner, we put our coats back on and headed out for a torch walk, where we learned more about the location of Berwick as well as the history. Does Berwick belong to the Scots or the English?

We even saw some seals on the bay!

We arrived back at the hostel at around 9:30pm and then took part in an exciting quiz to end our amazing first day.  Everyone were in their rooms at 10:30, lights out at 11 and all were fast asleep by 11:45…what a late night!!

A 7:30 wake-up call was soon followed by a tasty full English breakfast to fuel us up ready for another exciting day.

We split into two groups, with one group going with Heather and the other with Kev. Heather prepared some lovely, reflective prayer stations as well as some candle holder decoration. Children were very calm and respectful during this time and were a credit to themselves.

Meanwhile, the other group worked with Kev fire-lighting! We used flint and steel to create a fire and then toasted marshmallows on the fire-pit. Both groups then swapped over so we were all able to take part in everything.

Here we are enjoying the fantastic park in Berwick.

We then made our way to our final destination, Bamburgh, where our first port of call was of course, the ice cream shop! Who can remember who died in the building where the ice cream shop is?

We then made our way to St Aidan’s Church where we had our closing liturgy. We made our promises to God, before releasing our promises up to heaven.

I think all of the children would agree that we have had the most incredible two days together. They have been fantastic and I have loved every second of it.

I’m so incredibly proud of them all and thank you all for allowing the children to come. I’m sure you will agree, it was worth it!